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Is anxiety and fear taking over your life?

There’s no denying the physical effects of anxiety and trauma can consume and take over your life.

I want to assure you there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Anxiety, Depression even PTSD doesn’t have to be a life sentence.

 Hi I’m Kate, Trauma & Narcissism informed Psychotherapist & Coach.

Although today I wake up with a feeling of peace and contentment, life wasn’t always that way, life has certainly thrown me some rather big challenges that have left me wondering “why me” on so many occasions.

 Coming through the other end of a grade 4 Sarcoma in my leg, a perforated bowel due to Crohns disease and safely exiting a domestic abusive marriage has not only allowed me to see how resilient I am.

But my healing journey through these events have led me to my true calling.

Becoming an approved Trauma and Narcissistic abuse specialist has been life changing in resolving childhood events that were not only holding me back from living my life to its full potential.

It was these same childhood events that also lead to the deterioration of my health and found me trapped in an abusive marriage for 10 years.

 So, you see, I’ve been exactly where you are now, and I’ve come through the storm stronger and with my support you can too.

 I pride myself in my intuitive approach to healing, incorporating my range of skills to achieve the best outcome so you too can break through the overwhelming effects of Trauma and flourish to a stronger version of you.


Some of the symptoms associated with Trauma are:


Dry mouth

Sweaty palms

Feeling like you’re talking faster through nerves

Nervous Cough


Outbursts of anger that you can’t control

Binge Eating or emotional eating

Excessive Alcohol Consumption


Or other addictions

Maybe you struggle with maintaining a healthy weight and find yourself on the never-ending fat loss hamster wheel?

Are you Experiencing unexplained muscle or joint pain?

Digestive or other abdominal issues?

Are you frequently unwell?

 Do you feel drained and tired all the time?

So many of these symptoms were a part of my everyday life, and if you have landed here, they are very likely a big part of your life too.