Inch Loss Break Through Formula

Healing peoples minds is not what i have always done, before having my daughter i supported people in mastering tackling their nurition and lifestyle habits and achieving certain health goals.

But despite the in depth knowledge i have in this area, i knew i was still missing a significant part of the jigsaw which was resulting in peoples health goals not measuring upto their commitment in achieving these health goals and since venturing into the wonderful world of the human brain, i know understand willpower & desire is not enough to achieve any goal if there is trauma embedded deep within the mind luring us every time to the very thing that is bad for us.

You see the brains number one job is to keep us safe and stop us feeling what it feels is a pain to great to bare and often uses the classic sabotaging habits to sooth and calm the system, even numb out.

This is where classic habits like binge eating, excessive drinking, smoking, sugar cravings are manifested.

But even if you have all your ducks in a row around diet & lifestyle but still find yourself on the never ending fatloss hamster wheel, if you have trauma encoding usually stemming back to childhood, then being in a constant state of fight or flight will cause the body to be flooded with cortisol on a daily basis…. this results in chronic inflammation occuring and obesity is an inflammatory disorder!

I always describe approaching anything to do with our health as a big jigsaw which means taking a complete holistic approach….

1) heal the mind

2) approach lifestyle habits ina controlled and responsible manner

3) Diet…give the body what it needs to perform optimally¬†

And this is exactly what i can support you in navigating your way through to achieve your health goals!






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