Corporate Wellness that is both company &

employee focused

Is emotional & physical burnout taking over your business? 

There’s no denying the physical effects of anxiety and trauma can take over life and business and with employee sickness costing many companies more than £1000 per employee in down time each year this is a problem that is only set to get worse.

Mental health has deteriorated significantly for so many since lockdown. 

In fact, mental health has become a pandemic all of its own as a result of lockdown, seeing a significant spike in alcohol miss-use, domestic abuse even suicide yet the NHS are sadly not only lacking in the financial resources to deal with this growing problem.

But they are also lacking enough professionals adequately trained to deal with complex trauma effectively.

Therefore, I believe there is even more call for companies to take a trauma informed approach to managing their teams & corporate wellness as a whole.

I’m Kate, Trauma & Addictions breakthrough specialist. 

Although today I wake up with a feeling of peace and contentment, life wasn’t always that way. 

It’s fair to say life has certainly thrown me some rather big challenges that have left me wondering “why me” on so many occasions.

Coming through the other end of a grade 4 Sarcoma in my leg, a perforated bowel due to Crohns disease and safely exiting a domestic abusive marriage has not only allowed me see just how resilient I actually am, but my healing process from these events lead me to my true calling.

Becoming an approved Trauma Practitioner specialising in the physical and psychological effects often associated with many life events has been life changing in resolving childhood traumas that were not only holding me back in life and massively effecting my confidence, but it was these same childhood events that lead to the deterioration of my health and found me trapped in an abusive relationship that I struggled to navigate my way out of. 

So you see, I’ve been exactly were so many are today but I’ve come through the storm stronger for those experiences and with my support your team can too.

I pride myself in my intuitive approach to healing, incorporating a range of skills to achieve the absolute best outcome. 

My group training can support your team through a preventative & self-management process to promote better quality of life & improved productivity. 




Psychological trauma doesn’t just have a direct impact on how we feel and perform in our daily lives. Psychological trauma also directly impacts our physical wellbeing and health.

Therefore, the more you nurture your employee’s emotional wellbeing using a trauma informed approach the lower your employee rate of sickness will become.

And if your staff are happy, healthy and feel supported this will have a positive impact on productivity.


All in all, improved profitability for the company.




  • Weekly masterclass on one of the following topics with coaching exercises to complete

Domestic Abuse

Improving general health and mental clarity

Building emotional resilliance in children

Addictions (Food, alcohol, substances, shopping, gambling, sex)

  • Group Trauma informed stress management sessions
  • Weekly senior management trouble shooting sessions
  • One allocated team member needing ONE TO ONE support for more complex traumas.




Constant support and encouragement are imperative to create long term change.

Many of our habits, belief’s and thought patterns are formed from childhood, therefore consistency is an important part of the formula to avoiding falling back into old habits.


Many of us also need to feel and experience personal suffering or loss to be open enough to take responsibility for change.

These windows of awareness are generally short lived before protector parts step in to numb out or distract our attention away from a problem that needs addressing.

Therefore, it is important your team has direct access to the right support as awareness arises before these destructive patterns of behaviour repeat.