Working With Schools

There is no denying, lockdown has played a significant role in childrens mental health as it has adults.

Being isolated from their friends and having their routine disrupted was always going to take its tole, but when we consider lockdown has seen a significant rise in Domestic abuse, addiction and unfortunatly suicide, it has meant the home enviroment has become a war zone for many children.

It’s very important not to take this as just a sweeping statement.

Its been proven that children who are exposed to ongoing conditions where tensions are raised and potentially many heated arguments are occuring on an ongoing basis, this repeated expose has the same impact on the brain as combat does on a soldier, in fact the nervous system is conditioned for danger as early as 15 weeks in the womb causing a child to become very distressed over what may appear to be the smallest of things.

Therefore it is incredibly important to teach our children the most important life skill of not only self regulation but self compassion, self love and empathy towards others. These are skills we learn through observation and repetition, we are all a product of our enviroment.

But a childs future is shaped not only by the conditions they are exposed to in the home, school play a significant role also which is why emotional wellbeing must be a collective effort to prepaire children for the future and flourish into happy and confident adults.

Implimenting these simple trauma informed techniques and teaching children at an age appropriate level about their emotions and feelings in a class setting will not only build emotional resilliance but it will make for happier students and teachers whilst prepairing the brain for learning. 

If you would like to discuss implementing a trauma informed approach in your school please do get intouch via the contact page.